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Hp G6 Cpu Fan

This is an effective and affordable cpu fan that helps keep your laptop cool. It is made from high-quality materials and comes with a guarantee. Additionally, it is made to be easy to clean, providing you with good performance.

Top Hp G6 Cpu Fan Review

This is a sunmall 4-pin 4 connector new cpu cooling fan for the hp pavilion g4, g6, g7, g7-2002, g7-2010, g7-2017, g7-2022, g7-2033, g7-2052, g7-2054 and g7-2069 machines.
this is a hp g6 cpu fan. It is a replacement fan for the hp pavilion g7 g6 g4 compaq cq42 cq62 cq56 cq56z g62 g42 presario cq62z g62t g62m g62x g42t 646578-001.
the hp g6 cpu fan is a great addition to your computer case. It is a air-filled unit that uses dust and dustream technology to suck air in and fill the fan with air every time it starts to spin. This ensures the fan is spinning fast and keeps the case cool. The g6 cpu fan is also made from metal and plastic for a more high-end look and feel.